Western Market Remodel Customer Letter

The remodel your company did in Western’s Rocky Ridge store deserves our thanks for many reasons. This was a substantial and complex project and you and your company executed brilliantly! While the following list does not begin to encompass the scope of the remodel, I wanted to make particular note of the fine job done on the following:

  • The combination of LED 2 x 2 panels and LED strips produced a consistent lighting overhead and in retrofitted cases
  • The overall design package and the quality of the package and materials used were of the highest caliber
  • The subcontractors and crews were professional and responsive
  • Dependability meant deadlines were met on time, as promised
  • Your refurbishment made 13 year-old cases look brand new.

You hired good people, used quality materials, had great ideas, and through your own personal supervision, you made all those work together to create a beautiful store that should translate to sales and a pleasant shopping environment for our customers. Thank you!

Your company motto says, “We complete each job with the goal of deserving your NEXT job.” That’s a hard motto to live up to, but you did! That makes Spina Marketing a rare vendor in today’s world!

Darwin Metcalf
Western Supermarkets


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