Electrostatic Painting

What Are The Benefits of Our Electrostatic Painting Process?

ElectroPaintIcon-500The Supermarket Industry has long realized that a well maintained store generates more sales. Our Electrostatic paint process can add new life to your store’s refrigerated product cases and increase customer appeal.

  • Store interruption is minimal as the work is generally done after hours and the cases do not need to be unloaded.
  • Electrostatic painting is a cost efficient solution to reviving old cases to look new again.
  • The usable lifespan of the case is increased by our protective high gloss finish


Why Use Spina Marketing?

  • We are the leading electrostatic painting experts specializing in the grocery industry with over 25 years experience.
  • We always offer team support from sales and customer service and onsite quality assurance to assure ourquality and performance is unsurpassed.
  • We apply the highest quality paint product on the market today with the state of art equipment giving each case a superior high gloss finish.
  • Case bumper and trim packages are delivered and installed onsite to give your customers a pleasant new shopping experience
  • Centrally located in Birmingham Alabama to serve the Southeast